Sweeney Todd

Sweeney Todd returns to London after wrongful imprisonment and embarks on his quest for justice and revenge. With the help of pie shop owner Mrs Lovett, he goes about seeking retribution for the wrongs done to him and his family years before. 

We performed this show at the Evesham Arts Centre between the 16th and 20th September 2014

Well, how did this happen?

The older we get the harder it becomes to add new highlights to one's CV! Now saftly settled into my seventies I can look back to having produced or directed Gala charity shows, at the Royal Albert Hall, with Royal Family members in the audience, lots of plays, musicals, Shakespeare at The Globe in London, Village Hall concerts and - more than fifty years ago - Pantomimes with no budget, performed on trestle tables in a church hall! But only once before has a society of which I was not a member got in touch with me and asked me to direct them for a show I hardly knew. That was eleven years ago in Carmarthen when the local operatic society asked me to direct Copacabana - Now it's happened again, with EODS asking me many months ago, to my enormous delight, to direct Sweeney Todd the musical. Thats is what happened and I cannot imagine it occurring too many times in the furture, if ever!

It has been a truly exciting, if exausting, adventure of a journey. This is indeed a wonderful show - almost an opera. It has drama and even violence in abundence, but also comedy, beauty, soft and heart-wrentching moments with sublime music and unbelievable pathos. 

We began, even before the auditions, with drama exercices, fun and games back in the spring, followed by months of hard work, looming deadlines and an absolute determination on everybody's part to get this show to a peak of perfection, the results of which you see tonight.

I think, and hope, that we have all enjoyed doing something remerkably different. Many of the youngsters, some new to the society, have been enthralled - and stretched to their limit - with the difficulty, and the excitement of the piece. The hardest stalwarts of many-a-show have set a supurb example to the younger members and to each other, striving to achieve such characters as will chill your blood, make you laugh or cry and leave you gasping at their professionalism.

We talked through every element of what we wanted to achieve. Then we had a go - acted it out, sang it through; and, lo and behold, sometimes we even surprised ourselves!

So enjoy the show, remeber the hundreds of hours which have gone into preparing it and accept it as our offering to you, our audience. Because this is how it happened. 

Eric Jones

Principle Cast

Sweeney Todd Dean Baylis
Anthony Dan Callaghan
Tobias James Beaumont
Beadle Ken Knight
Pirelli Steve Roberts
Mrs Lovett Alison Roberts
Johanna Rhianna Jacobs
Beggar Woman Gail Andrews
Judge Turpin Jonathan Barclay
Bird Seller John Dix
Fogg Peter Sadler


Men's Ensemble Captain - John Dix

Ladie's Ensemble Capain - Rebecca Barclay

Ellie Baldwin, Becky Bertram, Alisa Davis, Simon Edwards, Kate Ellison, Sue Emond, Amy Edwards-Best, Chloe French, Ashleigh Houghton, Alistair Hutton, Nicola Jackson, Vivienne Jones, Clare Lovelady, Kirsty McKay, Joanna Michael, Ruth Organ, Jemima Osborne, Katie Richards, Jenna Rogers, Becs Swift, Adam Spiers

The Child in the court - played on different nights by,
Jack or Max Barclay, Martha Haslam, Peter or James Lamb.
[Sweeney - Publicity - group]

Production Team

Director Eric Jones
Producors Vicky Stanford-Edwards, Alison Roberts
Musical Directors Rowen Williams

Stage Manager Basil Smith 
Lighting & Sound Matt Olorenshaw & The ACE Tech crew
Wardrobe Nuala Wooltorton & Nora Leonard
Props Managment Tim Hutton, Jude Jacobs & Rebecca Parkinson
Stage Crew Arts Centre Volunteers and firends of EODS
Make up Glynda Sanger
Costumes supplied by Stage World, Wolverhampton
Additional Costume Help Polly-Emily Taylor &  Jude Jacobs
Principle Props Courtesy of PODS
Scenery Supplied by Scenic Property Hire
PA to Director Alistair Hutton
Poster & Programme design Phil Hawkins
Publicity Gail Andrews, Dean Baylis, Chloe French
Production Photography John Dix

The Raffle was organised by Joyce Doyle , Box office by Evesham Arts Centre and Front of house by John Horseman