One for the Road - Directors notes


Director's Notes

Good evening ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to the Arts Centre Studio Theatre, and EODS production of One for the Road.

Think Shirley Valentine, Think Blood Brothers, Think Educating Rita and I give you Willy Russell. The play was completed in theh summer of 1976, and he couldn't decide what to call it. Settleing on 'Tupperwear Man'. He then ran into difficulties with American laywers representing the Tupperware company who had some 'Prahblems' with the title. Was he sugesting that Tupperware lids did not fit properly?

Various other titles were tried, among them: 'Gnomes and Gardens', 'Phase Two' and, years before John Wells used it - 'Anyone for Dennis'. Finally, Just before the play was published, Willy's wife Annie came up with 'One for the Road' .... insisting that she'd sugested the title at the outset!

Whatever you call it - This is so much more than just a funny play, and I would like to take this opportunity to thank the cast, and everyone behind the scenes, for their enthusiasm and commitment, and making the whole experiance such a joyful one. 

- Ken Knight

Ken - director

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