Hot Mikado - Directors Notes

Welcome to Japan all! G&S holds a very special place in my heart, since i was in the original production of the Mikado aged 13 at school, playing Nanki-Poo. The music has remained for me has stood the test of time and remains a favorite. the HOT Mikado has all the drama and quality of the original, with added funk, soul, swing and Jazz hands!I hope you find that it's nothing like you were expecting it to be! It's been an honour to add my vision and interpretation to this show and it's still a pleasure to hear all the musical numbers, even after 6 long months of rehearsals. 

Thanks to all members of EODS for allowing me this opportunity to once again 'Steer the Ship' for the last six months, it has been an honour and (mostly) a pleasure. My association with this excellent sociaty mean a great deal to me, as do you all - I look forward to many more future productions (end of soppy message)

Specific thanks to Polly for her support with choreography ( and lots of other stuff, cheers to my unoffical PA) , to Chis B for translating my rough sketches into our fabulouse staging and of course to Oliver for doing a truely fabulous job making incredibly challenging music sound effortless. 

I hope you enjoy the show. If you do find me in the foyer and let me know (if you don't i don't want to hear it) 

Love and Wishes

Greg Pearson

Hot Mikado - greg 2

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