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Our Story is set in Middle England, in a quiet and peaceful duckyard in a sleepy shire county. Ida the duck is sitting on her brood of eggs, waiting for them to hatch. One by one the eggs hatch, including the "big one". The Ugly duckling is born and is somewhat different from his brothers and sister, with a rather charactistic Honk.

Taunted and ostrasised by the other ducklings and farmyard animals, Ugly is led astray by the farmyard cat who lures him to his lair for "lunch".

Honk was our spring 2010 show, which we performed at the Evesham Arts Centre between the 16th and 20th March and which included a Matinee (a rarity for EODS shows).

Honk - Military geese
Honk - Polly as froglet

Hello Ducky!

Honk - Phil as the cat
Honk - chorus
Honk Poster

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