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This comedy play of chaos concernes Jane, a woman who discovers that she is pregnant, but cannot bring herself to tell husband Peter in case it jeopardizes his career.

She does, however, tell friends Mike and Stella - but events get confused when neighbour Polly tells Peter that it is Stella who is pregnant

Add an exuberant Greek businessman, a sprained ankle and a broken antique dinner service and the scene is set for further comic complications.

EODS performed this play between the 12th and  14th July 2007 at Lifford Hall, Broadway. 


Jane Claire Perkins      
Stella Suzie Dawe
Polly Heather Ballie
Peter Steve Roberts
Mike Ken Knight
Grigore John Raphael                              



Director John Raphael                                                                            
Producer  Chris Bloomfield
Stage Manager Don Cook
Stage Hand Pat Brotherton
Sound Sam Dyer
Lighting Steve Smith
Props Alison Roberts
Prompt Dan Dandbrook


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